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Welcome again on our Blog! In this edition we are going to break down for you the differences between the two main Subaru engine platforms; EJ and FA.    I want to visit AZE's Youtube channel   The EJ Engines The EJ platform is a big family that contains a few variations. The Flat 4 H4 engine was designed in the late 80s and hit the market in 1989 before becoming more commonly used in the Legacy and Impreza chassis in the early 90s. It is still in use today in the 2021 Sti. All EJ engines uses a shotbloc casing that...

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 In summary

  • If the light is ON, contact your mechanic without waiting
  • Do NOT ignore the light
  • There are roughly 196 different codes on your Subaru, don't try to guess and replace various parts randomly, it's costly.
  • Each code is related to a specific diagnostic chart supplied by the manufacturer

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