Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services.

Our hourly rate is 110$CAD plus applicable taxes. - TIG/Mig welding and fabrication rate is 120$/hour plus taxes.

We are a Subaru specialised repair center and will only work on other makes for occasional fabrication and racing contracts. What we do includes but is not limited to;

Minor Subaru repairs

  • We can perform any maintenance work requested by the manufacturer on your new, almost-new or older Subaru. (Exception being Subaru manufacturers warranty claims).
  • Brakes cleaning, replacement, diagnostic or upgrades.
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Complete engine inspections (Compression & Lean down tests)
  • Fluids replacement (Transmission, engine, differentials, clutch, brake, power steering oil, coolant)
  • Suspension/direction inspection and parts replacements(Struts, steering rack, bushings and control arms, wheel bearings, tie rods)
  • Check engine lights scanning - 20$
  • Turbo replacements
  • Walnut blasting for FA20 turbo engines (550$+Tx)
  • Tire sales and replacement(3rd party involved for mounting)
  • Alignment(3rd party)
  • A/C work(3rd party)

Major Subaru work

  • Complete engine rebuilds and upgrades
  • Transmission rebuilds
  • Differentials replacements or upgrades
  • Custom wiring looms
  • External devices installations (DCCD controllers, dash, stand-alone Ecu)
  • Major drivetrain components replacement or swap(Engine, transmission, differentials)
  • Complete restoration projects
  • Rally/racing fabrication(rollcage, seat mounts, reinforced bumpers etc)

Custom work/fabrication

  • Stainless steel fabrication(brackets/mounts)
  • Exhaust fabrication(Downpipe, J-pipes, catback, muffler deletes)
  • External wastegate system
  • Front mounted intercooler setup
  • Rotated turbo setup
  • tubular Push-bar/Offroad setup


  • Hotbits suspension rebuilds and maintenance
  • Samsonas suspension rebuilds and maintenance
  • ExeTc suspension rebuilds and maintenance
  • xShift sequential transmission kits install, maintenance and repairs
  • Samsonas sequential transmission kits install, maintenance and repairs
  • Racecar maintenance and repairs
  • On-event support

Warranty claims

  • We work with most insurance companies to perform warranty claims in the case of an accident or mechanical problem. (Exception being Subaru manufacturers warranty claims).

New and used Subaru/Aftermarket parts

  • We can supply new or used Subaru oem parts, including all/most of the ''hard-to-find'' JDM parts.
  • We offer an extensive lineup of parts from aftermarket company such as Cobb, Perrin, GNP, HSD, Whiteline, JE, Manley, Mishimoto, Killer B etc.