Red Line LightWeight ShockProof Gear Oil - 1QT

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This gear oil has been designed to offer the most protection in your transmission by having potent viscosity characteristics that provide a greater film thickness that is also light which gives you a great balance of low drag, and superior protection. The Lightweight ShockProof can handle racing transmissions, as well as transaxles that see continuous loads, and has an excellent low temperature. flow which allows easier shifting in colder temperatures.



  • Film thickness greater than an SAE 75W 140, yet low fluid friction like 80W gear oil or 30W motor oil
  • Excellent low-temp flow for improved cold shifting 
  • For racing differentials under moderate loads
  • Unique lubricant with solid microscopic particles offers low drag/high protection
  • Relatively low viscosity, yet cushions gear teeth under extreme pressure
  • Helps to prevent tooth breakage, resists throw-off
  • Designed for wet sump transmissions and differentials with splash lubrication
  • Sold individually in a 1-quart container