Gulf Racing Brake Fluid 5.1

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Gulf Racing Brake Fluid
Supreme performance hydraulic brake fluid for racing applications


Product Description

Gulf Racing Brake Fluid is supreme performance poly glycol based brake fluid specially developed for racing applications where braking system is subjected to extreme conditions. It has been formulated to maximize braking performance under arduous conditions and is particularly suitable for vehicles with Antilocking Brake Systems (ABS) and for motorcycles fitted with disk brakes and used for racing applications. It contains oxidation and corrosion inhibitors to resist oxidation at the high temperatures and to provide superior protection against corrosion of metallic components of the brake system. It also possesses very high dry and wet boiling points to ensure outstanding reliability and safety of the braking system. It exceeds the performance requirements of US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) 116 DOT 5.1.


Features & Benefits
• Extremely high boiling point reduces impact of moisture absorption, delays onset of vapour lock and improves reliability and safety of braking system under extreme driving conditions
• Excellent low temperature viscosity allows easier circulation in micro-valves of ABS
• Superior oxidative stability resists oxidation at high temperatures encountered in disk braking systems
• Superior high temperature stability and low temperature fluidity ensure trouble free operation
• Effective corrosion inhibitors provide long term corrosion protection to the metallic components of the brake systems
• Provides lubricity and system protection
• Compatible with all seals and metals used in conventional braking systems requiring poly glycol brake fluids


• Severe duty application including motor racing and rally events where a DOT 5.1 type of fluid is required
• Hydraulic brake fluid systems (disk, drum and anti-locking brake systems) in cars, motorcycles and commercial vehicles where DOT 5.1 type of brake fluid is specified
• For improved braking performance, it can also be used in hydraulic brake systems of vehicles requiring DOT 4 and DOT 3 quality fluids


• Gulf Racing Brake Fluid should never be used in place of or mixed with silicone based brake fluids
• Brake fluids should be kept clean and dry. Dirt or water contamination can affect the performance of brake fluid and could cause brake system failure
• Brake fluids can affect the vehicle paintwork, so remove spills immediately without rubbing


Specifications, Approvals & Typical Properties
Meets the following Specifications FMVSS 116 DOT 5.1, DOT 4 and DOT 3

Typical Properties

Test Parameters Test Methods  Test Values
Viscosity @ -40 ºC, cSt FMVSS 116 < 900
Viscosity @ 100 ºC, cSt FMVSS 116 > 1.5
Equilibrium Reflex boiling point (ERBP), ºC FMVSS 116 > 260
Wet ERBP, ºC FMVSS 116 > 180
pH value FMVSS 116 7.0 to 11.5
Density @ 15ºC, Kg/l D 1298 1.06