Subie Lift OZ


We make high quality lift kits for all models of Forester, Liberty/Legacy, Outback, Impreza, Exiga & XV/Crosstrek, from mild to wild!

Our lift kits are engineered to be strong, functional & easy to install. Even our most complicated full body lift kit can easily be installed in a day.

Front strut top spacers have both camber & caster offset engineered into them to provide negative camber & extra caster for optimum steering & cornering. Turn in & tracking is improved over stock!!

Both front & rear strut top spacers are made from laser cut 6mm steel welded in a jig for accuracy.

Rear trailing arm spacers are braced in both longitudinal & lateral directions. This is necessary to provide maximum stability under extreme conditions, such as climbing a steep, rocky, rutted track under full power or hitting a deep pothole at speed. I have seen several Subies with severe structural damage around the trailing arm bracket from having spacers that weren’t braced. Our rear trailing arm spacers are made from laser cut 6mm steel welded in a jig for accuracy.

Subframe spacers & body spacers (crossmembers, etc) are either SOLID high tensile marine grade 6061 T651 alloy or RHS with crush tubes & end plates. This “boxes” the RHS to prevent flex. The crush tubes are an engineering requirement for all hollow spacers. This is a basic engineering principle used all around the world in every form of engineering from cars to skyscrapers.

All bolts and nuts used are grade 8.8 high tensile zinc plated or grade 10.9 for the subframe main bolts.

Our full body lift kits are complete! They include:
Front & rear strut top spacers.
Rear trailing arm spacers.
Lower control arm spacers.
Engine, gearbox & diff crossmember spacers.
Diff outrigger spacers.
Custom diff outrigger support brackets.
Centre bearing spacers.
Custom engine pitching stopper.
Extended steering linkage.
Stainless steel top radiator hose extension & T-bolt clamps (if required).
Replacement fuel & charcoal canister hoses (if required).
Handbrake cable extensions (if required).
Air filter box spacer (if required).
Heat shield spacers (if required).
Complete set of high tensile, zinc plated bolts, nut & washers.
Camber bolts for the rear.
Detailed step by step instructions.

As you can see, it is VERY complete, the most complete & best designed kit on the market, anywhere in the world!

We stand by our kits!! We are so sure you will love them as much as we do that we offer a money back guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, just return the unused kit & we will refund your purchase price minus 10% administration charge.

Our kits carry a 10 year guarantee against rust, corrosion, breakage or defect.

We can customise our lift kits to whatever your needs may be. By being small, we can be flexible & focus on the highest possible quality.

Give your Subie the lift it needs to go where you want to go with superior SubieLiftOz lift kits!!

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